Who we are

SearchingBiz as the name says it as "Searching Business"

Internet search is the primary tool to finding businesses today, it’s vital to make sure your business is listed online and is getting promoted. SearchingBiz is an online business directory taking care of listing your businesses and promoting as well.

SearchingBiz is a place for all businesses, business offering services at customer locations, self-employees, workers, job parties, home maker, those who wish to make themselves identified. (example: if you are an agency or business offering service that wants to add listings on behalf of your clients, SearchingBiz will be the right place for you.)

Our suggestions

  • Show the right information to your customers
    (Add your business to SearchingBiz and make sure customers always find the right information about your business)
  • Help customers find your business online
    (Add your business to SearchingBiz and get found when customers search from their computer, tablet or mobile phone)
  • Get online customers for your business
    (Add your business to SearchingBiz and help online customers discover your business)
  • Get found and get back to business
    (Get your business found online with a simple, affordable marketing program that delivers.)

SearchingBiz is backed by professionals who have vast experience in their respective domains. SearchingBiz team is dedicated to give the required information that will be helpful for both end users and also for promotion of business.

Our seven core values we live and we follow in Business and Team

1 Passionate and Determined

we are more passionate and determined in our service and technology what we offer​.

2 Build Positive Team and Family Spirit

we emphasis on positive Team Spirit and Family atmosphere,We enjoy working with Team whom we consider as ONE family, we truly care for each other,believe in each other and influence each other.This is what drives our team to continually work together towards the success jointly with our customers and who are part of us.​

3 Embrace and Drive Change

​We accept and welcome the changes in technology and market, strive ahead in giving out the best results.

4 Pursue Growth and Learning

​We believe there is always more to learn, we give importance to learning new things and we face challenges head on.

5 Creative and Open Minded

​We always be more creative and open minded, our team is given opportunity to do things in better-way and we are open to share and get new ideas and suggestions from every team member

6 Open and Honest in communication

We believe vital ingredients to good communication is Openness and Honesty which are virtue needed to build TRUST. We communicate the right things in all circumstances

7 Ownership

We give opportunity to every member to take ownership and accountability for the task they are involved, we create more cohesive work environment​

What SearchingBiz does

  •   SearchingBiz a web revolution in local refined search
  •   Maintains business information which are accurate to end-users
  •   Helps local traders to find your business
  •   SearchingBiz covers business geographical area
  •   SearchingBiz promotes your business with ROI
  •   SearchingBiz is totally free for end users
  •   Help end-users to find their business needs.
  •   SearchingBiz covers business ranging from retailers to corporate
  •   Unlimited searching, viewing & printing for 12 months
  •   Convenient user interface with multiple search criteria
  •   Profiles and contact information are always current with Monthly Updates
  •   Online accounts are supported 24/7 over secured servers for your privacy and protection
  •   Free technical support for your convenience